Steps to Prepare for a Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage may be the most difficult life events a person can endure. Divorce is often an acrimonious process that can get personal and emotional, and it is critical that you do everything in your power to protect your interests. In beginning the next phase of your life, you will want to emerge in the most advantageous position possible. The following steps will help you get and stay organized prior to initiating a filing:

  1. Take Emotional Stock of the Situation

The decision to initiate a divorce is not one that should be made hastily. People are commonly surprised at the emotional toll that can be suffered in dissolving a relationship in which there once existed a passionate and sacred bond. Proceedings that involve child and pet custody can be exponentially more taxing. Ultimately, only you can know for certain if a divorce is the appropriate option for resolving marital conflict.

  1. Consult an attorney

Put yourself in a great position by seeking sound legal advice at the outset. Do research to identify an attorney with a solid resume in divorce and family law, and consult local listings for reviews, testimonials, and credentials. A seasoned attorney will have experienced every permutation of potential outcomes in matters similar to yours.

Consulting competent legal counsel will help you draw a solid road map, leaving you prepared at each step before and after proceedings initiate. In fact, you should consult with your attorney at each step that follows.

  1. Prepare and review financial documents

Moving forward, you will need to have a clear picture of your overall assets, and determine what portion you may be entitled to in the divorce. Identify what is owed on individual and mutual debts – minimizing your responsibility for these is every bit as critical as acquiring assets. Mortgage and bank statements, vehicle titles, receipts for significant purchase and the like will be critical in the equitable division of shared assets.

  1. Make self-care a priority

Once divorce proceedings are initiated, there is little hope of going back, and the steps that follow can be emotionally exhausting. It is critical that you find ways to keep your spirits up. Identify those in your social circles who will serve as emotional touchstones – they will be happy to support you.  

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Divorce can be a grueling process in innumerable ways. In addition to your social supports, the right attorney should be your best advocate, and a pillar of knowledge and assurance as you move through an extraordinarily difficult life event.

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