Child Custody Attorney in Houston, TX

Child custody is often the most challenging, emotional, and contentious issue during a divorce or separation. It’s a time when stress levels and anger tend to run high which can make agreements difficult to reach amicably. An attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in child custody cases can help a divorcing or unmarried parent fight for what is in the best interest of his or her child.

Many parents put off a divorce or separation because they are concerned about their children and what kind of custody arrangements will be ordered by the court. If you are in that situation you likely have many questions about Texas custody law and the effect it will have on your child or children. Finding the right child custody attorney in Houston will help you answer the following questions, and more:

  • How do I know whether to seek sole or legal custody?

  • How does the court usually decide in a case like mine?

  • What type of visitation will be put into place?

  • Will I have to take parenting classes?

  • Can my child’s wishes be considered?

  • How does child support work in Texas?

  • What if my ex-spouse violates our custody agreement?

Every child custody case has unique circumstances that have to be considered when deciding how to proceed. A skilled child custody attorney will be able to sort through the details and present relevant information to the court so that the child’s best interests are considered and met. What may seem inconsequential to you may actually be a deciding factor in how your custody case is decided. It is especially crucial to seek legal representation when the details of your case involve any type of domestic violence, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse.

If you are considering divorce and are concerned about child custody, or if you are an unmarried parent who wants to seek child custody, it is important to find an attorney who will work tirelessly for what is best for your family. Diane Reul, Board Certified, Family Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization, is an experienced and compassionate child custody attorney in Houston, who provides families with the legal representation they need to win favorable outcomes for their children.

Custody cases can be complicated and emotional. Let Diane Reul help you fight for your child and what is best for them and you. Contact her office or call (713) 622-3770 today to discuss your case. You don’t have to do it alone; Diane is here to help.