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The Houston Law Office of Diane B. Reul is an experienced Divorce and Family Law Firm representing residents in communities throughout Harris County, Texas.

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Experienced Board Certified Family Law Attorney in Houston, TX

Finding the Right Houston Family Attorney

There will likely come a time when you need a family law attorney to represent you in the most personal of matters. Whether you are going through a divorce with all of its complexities, or a child custody case that is difficult and emotion-filled, Houston family attorney Diane Reul, Board-Certified, Family Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization, can assist you with your case.

Family law cases are by nature sensitive matters because personal feelings, values, and beliefs often come into play alongside financial and personal property. These types of cases require an attorney who is able to listen and empathize while fighting for the client’s best interests. Choosing a qualified and knowledgeable attorney to advocate for you is crucial, but so is finding one who will treat you and your case with the compassion and care that you need.

Diane Reul exemplifies those qualities and more. When you hire her as your attorney you can rest assured that you will find the expertise, experience, and personality that will put you at ease. If you are looking for a family attorney in Houston, call Diane Reul with your questions and concerns and get the help and support that you and your family deserve.